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How to Collaborate?


YSI is founded with a fundamental spirit of sharing, collaboration and partnerships.

Work together with your future customers and employees to create the future they want.



YSI provides corporations with the opportunity to present and distribute their challenges related to sustainability. This is an unique opportunity to get a worldwide network of brilliant, young minds to help solve your problem.



We are developing innovation programs in Norway, China, Canada, South Korea, Bangladesh and Singapore. We need good partners that want to collaborate on our global expansion.

Would you like to partner up or do you know someone we should contact?






dnv-gl and ysi partnership

Knowledge first

After our first meeting with DNV-GL we have received a steady stream of information on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They have also brought speakers to our conferences and promoted YSI in their presentations at some of the largest industry events in Europe. Their network has enabled us to grow and learn.

startuplab and ysi

If you start it up

It will never stop. When we did our pilot in 2016, Rolf from Startup Lab prevented a disaster. While we were waiting for other partners he borrowed us his credit card to pay for flight tickets for all the participants. Oh, and we also held our first startup conference at this location for an entire week. After this Startup Lab has also assisted with investor networks and advice on investment. They have also paved the way for new partnerships, like an excellent partner often does!

veidekke og ysi

Building for 2030

For a company that builds most of Scandinavia, the partnership with YSI started in an interesting way. Our co-founder Maiuran traveled with them to be the voice of the new generation. Shortly after Veidekke became one of the driving forces of making our conference in 2017 possible. They want to involve us in their projects, currently in Oslo, and we would like to contribute with everything we have.

sands and ysi

Suits us

To partner up with SANDS lawyers to protect the intellectual property of our participants is ideal. We work with SANDS to retain the rights of the young creatives we work with. Most young entrepreneurs can not afford extensive help with legal disputes, so we do our best to prevent them through a clear and transparent contract between youth and the established.

future leaders ysi partner

Our secret sauce

All founders of YSI have attended Future Leaders and most of the people working with YSI have also been through this program. To develop our participants we have a continuous working relationship with this quickly expanding leadership program. Every month we update each other on methodology and how to best coach the leaders of the future.