Our team


Here are some of the people in the YSI crew working across the globe.

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My name is Amund. I grew up on a farm and my favorate place to be is hiking in the mountains. Studying Geography at the University of Oslo. I am dedicated to see how youth, business and research can engage in society and how they can be drivers towards a sustainable future. Co-founder and today managing director of YSI. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


I joined YSI this summer, fell in love with the concept and people. For me, YSI is the only thing that I feel can create a serious change, so That's why I work here. I am in charge of the program, but try to help wherever I can.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


My name is Danat. I am born and raised in Norway, and my parents are from Eritrea. I joined YSI in October 2016, and work with external relations and partners for YSI. I find it fascinating how business can be a means to achieve sustainable future. Moreover, I am passionate about the concept and mission of YSI. I believe that the YSI community together can create the change needed to tackle today's global challenges.

Director of External Relations

zark copy.jpg


My name is Zark Janjua and I am student at BI Norwegian Business School. I am passionate about how innovation and entrepreneurship can help solve some of our biggest challenges today. I believe that through collaboration with big businesses and youth we can reach our goals. Co-founder and today Director of Administrations of YSI. 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Suman Saha

I am Suman Saha, a social entrepreneur from Bangladesh. Currently, I am studying MBA in North South University of Bangladesh. With a view to solving the most challenging problems of this world, I joined the global team of YSI in April 2017. At present, I am working as Country Ambassador of YSI in Bangladesh.


Sai Surya

No idea is a bad idea. With the right mix of people and ideas, I believe that we youths, can bring about a positive change to this world. Currently studying in National University of Singapore (NUS), I am pursuing a Double Degree in Economics and Mechanical Engineering – a humble attempt to combine my interests with my passion to serve developing countries with the skills obtained from these disciplines. I have the honour of heading YSI in Southeast Asia as YSI SEA and I believe that this is one region which will benefit immensely from the entrepreneurial spirit of the youths.


My name is Alex. I am passionate about creativity and connecting people who create solutions to the UN Sustainable Development goals through entrepreneurship. My background is business education, leadership-training, and UX design. Co-founder of YSI, The Worst, Thunderwave and Kodeklubben 22. I do design work and business development with YSI.


My name is Maiuran and I am a student at Minerva Schools, Class of 2020. I co-founded YSI in December 2015 convinced that the global challenges we witness today need drastic innovation to be tackled. Today my main responsibility is to engage new partners and work on the global scaling of YSI.


Hey, I'm a Creative-crazy human who do things differently & live as a solution creator. I cofounded YSI & founded Vilde Media. I don't want a fancy title; I want to do much good and create value through my work. Thats why I joined YSI to contribute with making impact that matters. I genuinely love our cause  & the YSI-team. My core is to empowering people to create their own way of living. In YSI have previously contributed with design/ media/& a variation of solution based on the needs. I now work with design & the things I can contribute with of solutions for YSI.


My name is Abines. I am born and raised in Norway, and my parents are from Sri Lanka.
The exposure to different cultures at an early age has instilled a strong passion for culture in me, which leads the way for a lot of the things that I do, also with YSI. I study Business and Administration at Copenhagen Business School, and I work closely with nurturing the community of Earthpreneurs.


I am Kai, from China, a student of Minerva Schools. I love the idea of empowering youths and encouraging them to make difference in the world. I believe YSI is a pioneer of that. I like to explore the world, having been to 22 countries. Besides, I am a macroeconomic enthusiast and an advocator for mathematicizing social science, as I have been building mathematical models for the predictions of political events. 


I grew up in Kansas City, USA, in a homeschooled environment with no family that went more than 3 hours away for college. After attending the Thiel Fellowship Summit in San Francisco, I taught myself to code and prototyped a startup. Now I'm attending Minerva Schools, a traveling university where I'll spend 4 years between 7 different world cities. Right now, I'm doing research for the Federal Reserve Bank on how we can use complexity science to improve our charitable initiatives. I joined YSI because I believe young people have far more power than they realize, and YSI is helping them use that power. I designed and helped to manage the application process for YSI.


My name is Gloria, I am 20 years old and I am from Norway. Since I was a child I wanted to contribute to the society and make a change in the world. I figure that my what was through politics and entrepreneurship. My main focus in my daily work is to work beyond sustainable development goals, it is there we can start to make a change in the world by innovation and creativity. I was introduced to YSI in august and became a part of the team in September. The YSI team consist of creative, open-minded and innovative youth, together we are able to create our future and make a change!


I grew up in a small place in Eastern Norway and I have a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Communication, which is why my job in YSI is communication. The reason I joined the YSI team in August is that I strongly believe in the concept of cross-border and engage the youth to solve the challenges of the 21st century. We are the generation that really needs to do something and I strongly believe that we can do it - together.


I am Antonio Fowl Stark, and I want to inspire people for change. I started off as an aerospace engineer doing projects for NASA when I realized I wanted to work with people as well as machinery. In the past years, I have directed international magazines, lobbied at the US Congress, and represented the youth at the United Nations. The more I learned about the world and its people the more I was inspired to let them stand up for themselves. YSI was a perfect opportunity for me to help out my fellow youth, to a common goal that ww all mankind over the world.



My name is Malin, I´m currently living in Oslo and doing a bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Oslo. I joined the YSI team just before the 2016 conference as a team leader for one of the four teams. After this, I have contributed to human resources and logistics. I am passionate about inequality and economic development.



My name is Marcus and I am working as a junior consultant at QVARTZ. I am passionate about having a positive impact, and believe that young entrepreneurs working together with people from academia, the business world and politics is a great recipe for doing exactly that. This is why I was a part of co-founding YSI in December 2015


Briyandan (born 1997) is a student at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He is one of the co-founders of YSI and joined in December 2015. The frustration of bureaucracy and politicians unwillingness to create immediate sustainable solutions is the main reason he joined YSI. Earlier he has worked with sponsors and etc. but his main contribution to YSI is on the logistic part.

Samantha Ling - Canadian Director for YSI copy.jpg

Samantha Ling

Hello, my name is Samantha and I am the Director of YSI Canada. After having the opportunity to attend the YSI Global program this year, I have truly witnessed all the impact, talent, and change that can come from giving young innovators a platform. Having participated in entrepreneurship activities in Toronto for several years, I am excited to turn Canada and Toronto’s unique innovation scene into a new home for YSI. 


My name is Thea, and I'm an 18-year-old from Oslo, Norway. I joined YSI this year, and feel beyond excited to be part of such a passionate group of people dedicated to creating effective change within the world. Through my IB studies at the Oslo International School, and the Yale Young Global Scholars program for science nerds at Yale University in 2015, I have gained a particular interest in the overlap between science and business to solve the world's sustainability issues.I plan to study Economics and Chemistry at university in the United States next fall.