I. You unlock the e-case here.
II. Instructions will be delivered by mail.
III. You deliver your solution to YSI through a new Typeform link sent to your e-mail.


YSI receives different types of ideas/solutions and store it in a database categorised by: 1. Not developed ideas/solutions or 2. Developed ideas/solutions with intellectual property rights. The partner selects an idea/solution from group 1 or 2 or both. A winner in group 1 will receive a monetary price and/or a winner from group 2 will, with help of YSI, go into negotiations of further collaborations with the partner.

3. Who makes the final selection?

We make a selection together with the given partner. It is the partner who provide YSI with a sustainability challenge which YSI distributes to its network. It is the partner which makes the final decisions on which solutions they want to bring forward or reward.


Your personal information is secured and not shared to anyone outside those working with E-cases within YSI.

5. IS MY IDEA protected?

Yes. When you have written down your solution it is generally protected in its form of expression. We will do our very best to protect your submission to any reasonable extent. However we are not intellectual property lawyers. If you have a developed idea and is unsure it would be advisable to contact a law firm. We work with SANDS in Norway. They are also one of our partners.

6. Can I work with others?

Yes, you can work in a group of 3 people. The prize will be split between the people in each group.


0. When can I apply for the next ysi program

Soon. The 2017 summer program is currently the focus. We will update our network once we know more about our upcoming program(s). We are working on setting up in asia as well as the next year's program in Oslo. The best way to get all the updates is to join our Earthpreneur community on Facebook. Just click right here.

1. Can I join YSI with an existing idea?

We are looking for people that want to create something innovative from scratch. The process, as you can read on our home page, is set out to find possibilities as a group, gather insights and then create the concepts. So you can`t join YSI based on a previous idea, unfortunately. 

2. How old do I have to be?

We are looking for people between 16-25 years. If you are bit older, let`s say 26 or 27, we encourage that type of rule breaking, and you can apply but not if you are older than 27. You do, however, need to be over 16 years old. If you can`t join because of age, we encourage you to keep following us for online E-cases and other cool things in the near future. Also - All countries can apply!

3. What does it take from me?

You will have to commit to the whole program. From April-August you will work online in groups and do some researching alone to find opportunities inside your chosen goal and gather insights. You will use between 3-15 hours each week, and it`s because this is what we believe it takes to get through the program in an excellent way. Your team will chat, do online workshops, talk with people in our network (mentors, businesses and so on) and keep track and explore your chosen goal together.

4. How does the team get put together?

You will be put in teams based on what goals you want to work on and diversity in skills and background. Your team will consist of 5 including you.

5. Who will help us in the innovation process?

You will have access to our network of mentors and businesses who has a lot of knowledge and experience. Everything from green businesses, entrepreneurs, and young, driven people. Your team will have a team leader as well.

6. What benefits will you have after the program?

We will get you in contact with businesses and set you in contact with investors. We will help you with marketing tools, build the concept further, team management skills and much more. We`re in this together!

7. Where will the program be?

It will be online from April 3rd - August. 25th with follow up later. This is to get you guys prepared with knowledge and skills, get to know your team and learn to work online together. On August 14th we will fly you to Oslo, Norway to meet all the participants and the team.

8. When will I know if I am chosen to the second round?

Deadline day is March 5th (12 AM Norwegian time), and you will know if you are through to the second round March 6th! There is a total of three rounds in the application process. Some will reach stage 2 and a few will reach stage 3. You will know if you are selected March 27th. 

9. What are the criteria's?

We don`t tell anyone about our criteria's. We just want you to answer the questions or do the tasks the way you feel represent yourself the best way. We do not judge based on gender, religion or income - that`s why the program is free, and for people from all countries. We believe diversity and different views of the world enriches a group. We are however looking for people we believe can create the best teams and create innovative solutions for the whole world.

10. What happens if I do not get selected? (More info on the topics below will arrive on March 6th)

If not selected, you will have the opportunity to be a part of our community "Earthpreneurs" on Facebook to speak with like-minded people passionate about solving the greatest challenges of the world. You can also participate in our online E-case competitions with challenges given by businesses looking to become more innovative and sustainable. YSI also plans on setting up the program in different countries in the time to come. It is yet to be determined where and when - so keep following YSI to get updates. Lastly, you can always apply next year!